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Zongzhou  Wang

Zongzhou Wang was born in November 1946 in Shaanxi Province. He is a famous Master in Fine Arts living in America, a former professor at Central University for Nationalities in China. He was also a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Chapter. Currently Zongzhou Wang is the Director of the Chinese Artists Association. 

Wang’s oil painting “Spring Buds”, “Chirping Birds” and “Singing Spring”, “Red Path”, “New Teacher Arriving” won awards in the First Chinese Oil Painting Expo, Chinese Seventh National Fine area Expo, Beijing Fine Arts Expo, and China National Teacher Fine area Expo. 

In 1994, The Art Committee of the World Chinese Arts in Hong Kong selected his artistic works into the “Encyclopedia of World Chinese Artists Works” and “Collection of the World Chinese Fine Arts Masters Paintings and Calligraphy Works”. His name is listed in “The North Anieritan Chinese Artists Who's Who” since 1995.

In 2005, he was awarded the Honorable Credential of World Cultural Celebrity, and the Golden Tripod of World Cultural and Scientific Contribution Award. In 2007, he won the Artistic Achievement Award by the International Chinese Artists Association.

←Title: Tibetan Rural

Size: 43*43 inch
Year: 2015
Material: Oil on Canvas


Title: Twist Felt→

Size: 32*56 inch
Year: 2018
Material: Oil on Canvas












尺寸: 32*56 inch
年份: 2018
材料: 布面油画


尺寸: 43*43 inch
年份: 2015
材料: 布面油画


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