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Jie Xu

Jie Xu graduated from Shanghai University, School of Art, as a painting major.

Her works have been exhibited in many places in the world, such as Shanghai, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and America. The collectors of Jie's paintings are native to over thirty countries in the world, notably  from France, Italy, America, Germany, and Switzerland.

Jie’s paintings originate around the theme of Chinese Boys and Girls. She conveys the message of a utopian society through simple boys or girls with flushed cheeks. She believes there is a paradise far away from this mundane lifestyle. In this paradise, people live simple, quiet, and peaceful lives. The children found in her art are shown living their lives there under the skies, where all parts of life are exposed. 

←TITLE:Chinese Boys and Girls I

TITLE:Chinese Boys and Girls II →







←TITLE:中国娃娃 I

TITLE:中国娃娃 III →

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