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Chenlin  Cai

Chenlin Cai, Born in Fujian in 1984, now lives in Beijing and Philadelphia. Cai received his MFA from two of the renowned universities in fine arts. The Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Cai immerses his works in the conflict of these two different art cultures, and the art environments did the opposite. He made no compromise; following only his instinct and vision, combining the best of his traditional training as a classical artist and his unorthodox use of paint on non-traditional materials and surfaces, experimenting with multi-media expression, Cai successfully created his unique painting style using cellular structure and X-ray landscapes. The result is a highly acclaimed collection sought by collectors.

Title: Mist-Covered and Majestic Mountain
Size: 23.2 x 17 inches

Year: 2018

Material: Oil on Plexiglass










其作品被Cooper Union(库伯联盟)前董事会主席Mark Epstein等中美藏家收藏。


尺寸: 23.2 x 17 inches
年份: 2018
材料: Oil on Plexiglass


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