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Yuntian Xie

Yuntian Xie studied under National Master of Arts and Crafts Professor Qiu Qixian from 2002 to 2012. Xie also earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China in 2016. In 2017, Xie studied in Master Jinghu Ma’s oil painting workshop.

Xie’s work is popular in China; in 2016, his oil painting, ”The portrait of Jinghua Liang”, was collected by Jinhua Liang, one of Hong Kong’s Top 10 Designers. In 2017, another oil painting, “About barrier-free design”, was collected by Professor Man Liu, Chair of the Department of Environmental Art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Xie participated in the “2016-2017 Artist Communication Network” and was 2nd Outstanding Youth Artists Exhibition shortlisted.

In 2018, two of Xie’s works were selected for the National Art Foundation project, "Chinese Rice Paper and Painting" Italy Exhibition.

TITLE:Current Trent and Old Tide

Material:Canvas oil painting

Standing in front of the "Night Pearl" hairdresser, I felt a trance without a reason. It was a small shop that had already closed its doors. It had a sense of age, but it seemed to be so strong that it took me a long time to be sure that I had never been here. I feel a little confused again, as if it is the past life.




2018年参加于纽约切尔西Elga Wimmer画廊举办的“漂.浮-纽约中国艺术家邀请展”。



TITLE:Current Trend and Old Tide



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