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艺术家:Bella Shao


作品描述:这幅画是Bella在6岁的时候创作的。 这幅作品意义非凡,这是Bella的完全独立创作,没有任何人的指导和协助。《蔚蓝》这幅作品所涉及到的材料有很多种:宣纸,胶水,丙烯颜料,荧光粉等。这幅作品的主角是冰山。在宣纸上把颜色洒出来,赋予了作品更多的层次感。



Artist: Bella Shao (13)

Genre: Acrylic painting

Brief description: A piece of creative painting done by Bella when she was 6-year-old. This piece was made by a range of materials such as rice paper, glue, acrylic, glitters, and so on. The main objectives are the ice mountains. The rice paper and the spilled color gave more layers to the painting. Again, this painting had been done freely without any given instructions from the outside.

蔚蓝—Bella Shao

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