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艺术家:Bella Shao


作品描述:这幅作品选自电影“借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂”中的场景 - 女主角阿莉埃蒂正在梳妆打扮。画中的阿莉埃蒂生动活泼轻快,她用一个晾衣夹做发夹,用顶针作为武器,与强大的生物,比如大老鼠打斗。除此之外,她的必需品,比如镜子,也是与我们生活息息相关的小东西。




Name:The Secret World of Arrietty

Artist: Bella Shao (13)

Genre: Colored pencil painting

Brief description: This piece of artwork is a scene from the movie "Arriety the little girl who borrowed" where the heroine Areitty was dressing up. This scene was lively and brisk. She used a laundry rack as a hairpin and use a thimble as a sword to fight with a huge and formidable creature like rats. In addition, all of her necessities like the mirror are all relatable to small objects from our daily life.


Further description of the plot: There was a big old house in a deserted courtyard in the suburbs. Under its floor, a 14-year-old girl named Arriety lives quietly with her parents. In that house lived two old women. In order not to be discovered by the housekeeper, the Arriety family had to borrow, little by little, the necessities they needed such as soap, cookies, cube sugar, electricity, and gasoline.

阿莉埃蒂的秘密世界—Bella Shao

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